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Do you struggle to focus on your goals?

Goal setting is something that gets talked about a lot in the online world.

In fact, take one scroll through Pinterest and you’re almost guaranteed to come across a quote about setting your goals, sticking to them and just generally living your best business life! Most probably with a background featuring a sunset/flash car/cup of black coffee. You know the ones…

But whilst it’s brilliant to have your business inspiration sparked, it’s also important to talk about the practical side of your hustle. Otherwise, you can be left with all of the snappy quotes, but none of the action.

That’s why I thought it was about time that we sat down and talked about something that has truly been a game-changer within my businesses: My method for setting (and reaching!) goals. Whilst having ambition is often talked about in a vague way, I wanted to give you a practical, step-by-step guide to making every single day goal-focused. 

Step One: Think Big 

If you don’t know what you want in the “big picture” it’s impossible to know what to do in the “small picture”!

Before you start incorporating goals into your everyday life, you need to look at what you really want to achieve in the long-term.

This can often feel overwhelming, so it can be helpful to do a “brain dump” to really get the juices flowing. In the middle of a page write “The Big Picture” and then jot down anything and everything that comes to mind when thinking about what your dream business would look like. 

Enough income that you are comfortably able to take on team members (we have a whole list of people we want to bring on board as soon as we can!)? A reputation as the best in your field? A seven-figure income? Write those bad boys down!

Don’t worry about the how just yet. Instead, focus on the why. Think about what achieving each of these goals will do for you and how they would make your life better. 

Step Two: Where do you want to be in three months?

The first step was all about getting that motivation flowing and being inspired to commit to the goals that you’re about to create. On the other hand, step two is where we start to get strategic! 

I recommend never properly planning more than three months in advance. It’s hard to imagine just how much can change in a business in that time. That’s why I suggest creating quarterly goals instead.

Base these on your big picture “brain dump” by asking yourself what you could do over the next three months to get you closer to that dream business. However, unlike with step one, make the goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely). Three to five goals tends to work best in our experience.

Naturally, your goals are already “timely” as you want to have ticked them off within 3 months. However, to make sure that they are specific and measurable, clearly define what you want to achieve and attach a number or completion criteria to it. For example, specific financial milestones, products/services you want to have released, or even systems you want to put in place all work well as quarterly goals. 

Next, in order to ensure that they are attainable, also be aware of your calendar for the quarter. If there are specific events or busy periods that you cannot move, your goals need to take these into consideration. 

This will be the most time-consuming part of the whole process. Luckily, you only have to do it four times a year! 

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Step Three: Strategise the month ahead 

Now we’re getting closer to putting your plan into action by focusing on just the next 30 days. 

For this, take a look at your Quarterly Goals and break them down further. If you want to get 5 new clients, maybe you can aim to have pitched your services to 10 companies by the end of the month. Or perhaps you could plan to create a Facebook advert to get the word about your services out there. Or even create a killer automated onboarding system for when you take those clients on.

Make sure the goals are realistic but also optimistic. I believe in you, even if you don’t just yet!

Step Four: Focus on the day-to-day

Now it’s really time to put the work in.

Using your monthly goals, assess what you can reasonably achieve in the next 7 days to help you get closer to them. For example, if you want to reach out and pitch to 10 potential clients this month, within one week you could create an email template or intro pack and make a spreadsheet to keep track of your outreach. 

These will be very personal to you and your business so there’s no cheat sheet here, sorry!

Before putting these tasks into your calendar, sit down with all of your notes from the previous steps in front of you. Ask yourself whether your weekly goals, monthly goals, and quarterly goals are aligned with your “big picture”.

Are you working for your future self? 


Looks like you’re on to a winner!

No? It might be time to re-focus by starting this process from Step 2 again. 

Once you’ve outlined what you would like to achieve in the next week, put each task into your calendar. That way, every day will be driven by purpose. 

Through following these steps and repeating them when necessary, not only will you feel a hell of a lot more organised, but your tasks each week will be aligned with your larger goals. Everything you do within your business will take you one step closer towards your ideal workday. 

Now that’s a recipe for business success and happiness in your hustle!

Goal setting is a meaty topic that I’ve got plenty to say about, so stay tuned for our next blog post which will be all about reviewing your goals and how to know if you’ve set the right ones for you.