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Productivity Coach and Virtual Assistant for Creatives

Hey there!

We’re Dani + Mark

Virtual Assistant + organisation duo for creative entrepreneurs + online business owners.

As well as a general VA, Dani is also a systems + processes nerd, project manager, blogger, copywriter, social media manager, small business owner and mum. PHEW! That’s a long list!

Mark is a general VA too. He also runs pretty much everything that goes on behind the scenes at O+G from managing the social media accounts, to answering emails + dealing with finances. He’s also in charge of childcare for baby Ella and pup Sherlock! You could say he’s a busy guy!

Grow your biz

Focus on what matters – being creative + serving your clients

How we can work together

Productivity Coach and Virtual Assistant for Creatives

the Hub

Ready to grow your team + your business, as well as finally find time to do the things you love? It is possible! Join the hub today + make it happen!

Productivity Coach and Virtual Assistant for Creatives

Organise Your Systems

For those biz owners who want their project plans, systems, processes + workflows set up, so you + your team can hit the ground running.

Productivity Coach and Virtual Assistant for Creatives


Free up more of your time by hiring us to take care of your day-to-day biz tasks + do all of the things you don’t have time for (or just hate doing!)

Client Love

“I love what I do but it was time to take the next step in my business: growing a team. I reached out to Dani to enlist her help in building one of my digital products and she did such an amazing and efficient job that I knew I had to work with her again! Now, Dani is not only a key member of my team but she is also a great friend! I wholeheartedly recommend working with Dani if you want to ease the pressure of your everyday stresses and allow your business to grow.”
“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dani. Not only does she help me run my business efficiently, but she is always looking for ways to make improvements. Dani is amazing to work with and is up for any challenge I give her. I am very grateful to have her as a part of my team.”
“Before working with Dani, I was so overwhelmed by all the business tasks as there is only so much time in a day to complete the work. I’m so glad to be working with Dani as she’s very responsive and goes above and beyond with all the task, helping me to scale the business gracefully. She knows what she’s doing and has amazing skill and knowledge, which saves me time from providing training.”

Kathie Wiehanne, http://www.bluchic.com

“Dani is not just a virtual assistant but a virtual lifesaver. There is no job too big, too little, to ‘out there’ or too basic. She can handle it all! Dani has saved me hours of valuable time and has even given me a kick up the bum when I’ve needed it. Her personable, approachable attitude leaves you feeling relaxed and confident when working with her. I couldn’t recommend her more.”



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