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We're Dani + Mark

Virtual Assistant + organisation duo for creative entrepreneurs + online business owners

With over ten years’ experience of building websites, running blogs + owning small online businesses, we know how difficult it can be to stay on top of everything + how valuable an extra pair of hands (+ eyes) can be. We also know how much time can be wasted in a business without the right processes + systems in place (trust us, we’ve been there!)

That’s why we started Organise + Grow. It originally began as Dani Fairhurst – VA for Creatives but, after several years of providing VA services to online business owners, I (Dani) realised that I could be doing more to help online business owners. I was fully booked so couldn’t take on more clients but kept seeing business owners getting overwhelmed with their biz + getting burnt out.

When baby Ella arrived in December 2018, we knew that we didn’t want Mark to be working his 8-6 job because he was missing out on watching Ella grow up. So we implemented a new growth strategy, got our systems + automations in place + by April 2019, Mark had joined the biz!

Being a systems nerd, I (Dani) had always loved planning, spending embarrassing amounts of time in Asana setting up new systems, processes + workflows to make the business as efficient as possible. So it made sense to us that we shared these hacks, templates, workflows + knowledge with other biz owners so they could streamline their businesses too. And that is when Organise + Grow was born!

We’re SO excited to have you here + can’t wait to help you organise your systems + grow your biz! Let’s do this!

Dani + Mark xx

You know what you need to be doing but there just aren't enough hours in the day!

You know you need to spend more time working with your clients + customers.

But you also know you need to be present on social media, writing blogs, sending newsletters + being SEEN to keep growing your biz.

You ALSO know that you need to take time off (preferably before burn out!)

So how can you do it all?

The simple answer is that you can’t. And that’s okay! As business owners we often believe that we have to do #allthethings ourselves with no help + the only way to be successful is to #hustlehard. That’s just not true. 

But don’t worry, that’s where we come in. 

At Organise + Grow we want to see you succeed. We want to watch your business blossom + grow from strength to strength (+ watch that income increase too!)

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What we Believe

We started Organise + Grow to help other online business owners grow their biz without working harder.

We believe:

  • that the right systems, processes + workflows can streamline almost every part of your biz.
  • that you can grow your biz without working even more hours each day.
  • that every business owner should be able to take time away from their biz when they want to!
  • that we can be the helping hand you need to make it all happen.

How Can we help you?

Strategy Sessions

Need some help deciding on what systems + processes you should have in place but to DIY them? Book a strategy call with me today!

Organise Your Systems

For those who want your project plans, systems, processes + workflows set up, so you + your team (if you have one) can hit the ground running.

VA Services

Free up more of your time by hiring us to take care of your day-to-day biz tasks + do all of the things you don’t have time for (or just hate doing!)

want to hang out?

Want to talk about collaborating or just have a chat? Book a virtual coffee chat here.