Streamline your biz + spend less time trying to do

We help creative entrepreneurs spend less time working in their biz, + spend more time working on their biz!​

Eurgh! Talk about corporate jargon, right?! 

Having both worked in the corporate world at some point in our lives, we can both say that we HATE corporate jargon. BUT this one definitely applies to creatives too, so hang in there with us!

As solopreneurs (another word we hate!), we often feel like we have to do everything ourselves – it’s part of the name after all: “Solo”, meaning one or alone…

…but the problem with this is that we get stuck working in our businesses. We get bogged down with the admin + the small, day-to-day tasks that end up consuming all of our time, leaving us with no time to actually work on our business.

We end up having no time to serve our clients + customers or to work on those incredible growth strategies we’ve carefully drawn up.  

We know that hiring a VA is an option BUT it’s not an option that’s available to everyone RIGHT NOW. Maybe you’re not bringing in enough money to pay someone else, maybe you don’t feel confident delegating work or maybe you just don’t want someone else working in your biz.

That’s okay!

These services are designed for you! We will help you brainstorm, set up + implement systems, processes, procedures, workflows + automations that help you get more done with less time. And the best part? Having these things in place mean that you’ll be ready to onboard a virtual team as soon as you want to.

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What can we help you with?

Download the brochure for a full list of the services + how to get started. The below lists give you an idea of what we can do within each package.


Productivity Coach and Virtual Assistant for Creatives

Systems setup

🌿 Setting up + organising your Project Management Tool – Asana, Trello, ClickUp, Airtable etc.

🌿 Creating SOPs + workflows.

🌿 Creating checklists + templates for you + your team to use.

🌿 Setting up your CRM – Dubsado or Airtable.

🌿 Setting up automated emails using your chosen email marketing service provider – CovertKit, Mailchimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign etc.

🌿 Creating an automated client onboarding process. 

🌿 Ensuring your tools, process + systems all work seamlessly together.

Add-ons + Extras

🌿 Email inbox cleanup.

🌿 Digital documents cleanup + organisation.

🌿 Additional ongoing support via email + slack.

Productivity Coach and Virtual Assistant for Creatives

How Does It Work?

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3. Get Started

After your discovery call, we’ll send you a client intake form, a contract, your first invoice + anything else we need to get started with things!

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