Fed up of feeling overwhelmed and burnt out?

It’s time to get organised + grow your business with Asana

Is keeping track of 500 projects, managing 20 clients + juggling your personal life leaving you burnt out?

What if you could keep everything organised in one, easy-to-use place?

You can! It’s called Asana!

Streamline your business, your clients AND your personal life with this step-by-step guide, complete with the exact templates I use.


You set goals but never seem to be able to meet them – something always gets in the way. You’re always playing catch-up with daily tasks or client work + never working on those new projects.

You’re completely fed up of seeing EVERYONE else being organised, stress free + on-top of their business tasks. You’d give anything to feel that way too!

You know that you need a project management tool but you’re overwhelmed by the choices out there. Even if you could choose one, you’d have no idea where to start in getting everything set up.

What is Organise + Grow Your Biz with Asana?

Organise + Grow Your Biz with Asana is so much more than just another course.

Not only will you learn all the ins + outs of Asana as a project management tool but you’ll also be guided, step-by-step how to organise every element of your business.

You’ll be armed with everything you need to go from signing up to Asana to having a complete project management system for you + your team in a single day including copy + paste templates, workflows + SOPs.

When I started my business I had SO many ideas (hello, shiny object syndrome!) + I was constantly scribbling thoughts + “plans” down on every scrap of paper or sticky note I could find.

But I had no systems in place.

I had no workflows to help me go from idea to end product.

I knew what I needed to do to grow my business but without strategic, step-by-step plans in place, I was making no progress.

I was posting content on my blog with no real purpose + every post looked different because I didn’t have a set workflow to follow. Then, when it came to promoting those posts, I had no idea where to post or when!

And then I started a second business and, with that, came the whole new challenge of clients. Suddenly, it wasn’t just me + my business anymore, it was client work too. And on-boarding new clients. And off-boarding. And remembering client birthdays…

But then I discovered Asana + the inner geek in me had the biggest party she’s ever had!

Not only could I make lists but I could create projects so that everything was grouped together. I could set deadlines + colour code things. Suddenly, I had a single space where I could organise EVERYTHING!

When Mark quit his job and joined the team, I could easily assign him tasks.  And the best part? I didn’t have to do anything any different or spend hours explaining to him what needed to be done – everything was already there, all I had to do was add his name to the tasks!

Asana is a free, easy-to-use project management tool that will help you take control of your biz + achieve your goals

What’s included…

Learn how to create + manage teams, projects, tasks + subtasks in Asana.

Create templates + SOPs to save time + energy in every aspect of your biz.

Streamline all of your workflows + projects in one easy-to-use tool
  • Learn the basics of Asana - how to create an account + what type of account you should opt for.
  • Learn how to set up teams, projects, tasks + subtasks, set deadlines + assign them to people.
  • Discover to organise + colour code your account to make things easier to see + manage at a quick glance.
  • Learn how to review + manage your own tasks so you never miss a deadline again AND how to check in on your team memebers too!
  • PLUS copy + paste templates for: Monthly goals, blog content creation, podcast creation, video content creation, client management, social media (templates for each platform), creating + sending newsletters, creating opt-ins, planning + executing a product launch, managing your own affiliate program and planning + managing your business finances 😅 that's a LOT of work done for you + ready to go!

Modules + Lessons:

– Welcome to Organise + Grow Your Biz with Asana

– Introduction to PM Tools for Online Business Owners
– Being Busy vs. Being Productive

– Key Terminology – Organisation vs. Workspace
– Key Terminology – Everything Else
– Creating Your Free Asana Account
– Getting to Know Asana

– Creating Teams
– Creating Projects
– Creating Tasks
– Creating Subtasks 

– Using the Templates
– 2019 Plans
– Monthly Goals
– Daily Tasks
– Content Creation
– Marketing – Social Media
– Marketing – Email Newsletters
– Clients 
– Products
– Affiliate Program
– Profit Plan

– Adding Team Members to Asana
– Keeping Track of Your Team
– Don’t Have a Team Yet?

– Keep Asana Updated 
– Using Boards for Workflows
– Using Tags
– Assessing Your Goals with Tags
– One Task Showing Multiple Projects
– Magical Creatures
– Attaching Documents

Did someone say bonuses?

Sneak peek behind the scenes of the Organise + Grow Asana

How to organise your personal life + home in Asana

Free Asana audit – get feedback on your new Asana setup

25% off all of our streamline your biz packages

Right now you…
  • Miss deadlines or complete work right at the last minute
  • Set goals but never seem to be able to meet them
  • Are drowning under a pile of sticky notes, scraps of paper + to-do lists
  • Are fed up of seeing everyone else being organised + stress free!

With Asana you…
  • Will always know what you need to work on + when
  • Will set goals + track your progress in one place
  • Can create beautiful SOPs, workflows, to-do lists + more!
  • Will finally be organised like all those other online biz owners!


Asana is a free, easy-to-use project management tool that will help you take control of your biz + achieve your goals


I’m a VA, online business owner + systems nerd!

I know how stressful it can be to plan + manage all of the different parts of your biz (+ manage client projects too!)

When I first started my biz, I used notebooks + post it notes to try to keep everything organised but I quickly realised that wasn’t going to work!

After a bit of Googling + a lot of trying out different Project Management tools, I finally settled on Asana as my favourite!

I’ve now been using it daily for over 3 years + use it to plan + manage multiple business, my client work AND my home life!


  • You're constantly juggling multiple projects + deadlines.
  • You're ready to ditch the paper + notebooks for one sleek, streamlined system.
  • You want to claim your time back but still grow your biz!

  • You work with a different PM tool + don't want to switch to Asana.
  • You're working on a hobby with no deadlines + you don't want to add this level of structure.
  • You prefer good old-fashioned pen + paper planners.



The course starts now
+ never ends! It is a completely self-paced course – you decide when you start + when you finish.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like (and this course exists!) – across any + all devices you own.

This course is alllllll about Asana so you will need an Asana account at some point! Don’t worry if you don’t have one right now though as the first module will walk you through signing up + creating your account. 

This course is tailored to Asana + the templates are created specifically for Asana. However, with a little work, you could apply the principles + recreate the templates in your chosen project management tool.

Absolutely! I manage my own blogs, as well as my client’s blogs using Asana. This course includes templates specifically designed for bloggers, as well as business owners.

No! I always recommend using a project management tool from the very start. It allows you to set up your processes + systems from day one. You’ll save tons of time in the future by having everything set up right in the beginning. 

Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not issue refunds. If you are unhappy with the product, please reach out to use at contact@organiseandgrow.com

Email us at contact@organiseandgrow.com, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.