About me

I’m DAni, a VA + Systems Nerd!

Spreadsheets, SOPs, checklists, workflows…I LOVE THEM ALL! 

With over 10 years experience of running blogs + online businesses, I know what goes on behind the scenes. I understand the sheer amount of work and passion that goes into every single thing you put out there online. I also understand the pressure, the stress + the burn out! 

After working in the corporate/legal sector for *ahem* too many years, I knew that I needed to be my own boss. I paired this with my love of entrepreneurship, being online + being super organised (although only in biz, not at home!!) + decided to become a VA + project management/systems/processes pro! 

Now I help business owners get organised, claim back their time (+ sanity) + grow their businesses. 

A few random facts about me: Mum to 15-month-old Ella, dog mama to 2-year-old Sherlock, I once ran a marathon, I also once climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, I’m really messy, I love coffee (too much), I used to hate olives but I forced myself to eat them until I liked them + now I love them + I have 9 tattoos!

About me

I’m Mark, a VA + tech geek!

Having supported Dani behind the scenes for the past 3 years, I officially joined the O+G team in 2019.

My main roles at O+G include scheduling social media, dealing with initial inquiries, contracts + onboarding new clients, managing the finances + looking after the kids!

I specialise in anything technical like setting up WordPress, installing themes + plugins, editing + uploading videos to YouTube + editing podcasts. Like Dani, I also love spreadsheets – especially Excel + Airtable where I can get carried away with formulae + formatting.

A few random facts about me: Dad to Ella + Sherlock, I love motorbikes (I’ve owned 10 in the past 8 years), I’m a gaming geek, I will never run a marathon, I HATE coffee but have a serious Monster addiction + I have 3 tattoos

About us

Meet our support team!

One of the reasons we decided to start running a business together from home was to spend more time with our family. So, it made sense to us that we introduce them to you as they’re a central part of our team!


1-year-old human, loves screaming, rolling over, drooling + putting everything she gets her hands on into her mouth!


2-year-old Labrador pup, loves snacks, scritches + ignoring commands. Has zero respect for personal space + WILL sit on you.